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The Trouble with Tile

When your Thing Finder gives a false sense of security

I’ll be the first to admit I have a terrible memory. I can put something down, and thirty seconds later will have no idea where I put it. Because of this, I’ve always loved the idea of Tile. However I was deeply sceptical about their original offerings - these early devices were designed with planned obsolescence as part of their business strategy - they only had a year’s battery life, after which point you’d be offered a discount to buy a new model for the next year. [Read More]

Fitting a quart into a pint pot

A js13kGames postmortem

The game concept I’d had an idea of making an 80s style arcade platformer for a while now - something in the style of Bubble Bobble or Rainbow islands, where you have to clear a screen of enemies to progress to the next stage. Being not that great at producing graphics on my own (or at least anything animated), I started with the 1-Bit Pack from kenney.nl as it contains a good selection of tiles, and most importantly an animated main character. [Read More]